What is Basic Funerals?

We are a licensed funeral home serving Ontario. In fact, we serve over 1,000 families every year. We do operate differently than a traditional funeral home but we provide the same services. We do basic cremations with no formal service as well as funeral services at cemetery chapels and other non-funeral home venues.

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Is this a complicated process?
No. We make the process as easy as possible. Start by getting a quote. It will take less than 2 minutes to complete.

Where are you located?
This question is often misleading. Our funeral directors serve families across Ontario independent of our physical address. Just so you know, our head office is in Mississauga.

Where will the cremation take place?
This is a better question. The cremation will usually take place at the crematorium closest to you. Sometimes there is a less expensive crematorium that is further away from you. The choice is always yours.

Why don't I just call the crematorium?
The crematorium cannot offer their services directly to the family. They offer services only to funeral homes such as ourselves.

Where will the funeral service or visitation take place?
Often at a chapel right at the crematorium (or in the case of a burial at the graveside). We also hold services and visitations at other non-funeral home locations such as churches and event venues.

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Peterborough Funerals and Cremations

At Basic Funerals we speak with families in Peterborough daily about what they want in a funeral or cremation service, both for themselves and their family members. These experiences have shown us that every family wants something different, whether it is something very simple or very extravagant, it is important that families receive the type of service they want. In delivering these services to families we feel that it is so important to deliver a professional service with absolute attention to detail.

Unlike most Peterborough funeral homes we don’t create inflexible packages that families must choose from, instead we tailor our services to exactly what you want to create real meaning for the family of the loved. At Basic Funerals we give families in Peterborough exactly what they want:

  • We are the first funeral home in Peterborough to make arranging funerals and cremations truly easy. You can fill out our online forms and speak to us over the phone, or our funeral directors can meet with you in person, even from the comfort of your own home.
  • We have added transparency to the funeral and cremation process by providing our service information and pricing right on our website.
  • We are not a broker. We are a fully licensed funeral establishment with licensed funeral directors serving the city of Peterborough. We offer services in Peterborough from a basic cremation to a traditional funeral, to something unique created just for your family.

We created Basic Funerals to change what we felt was missing in so called “traditional” funeral services. Our goal is to provide you and your family complete convenience and to always listen to what you want. Our mission is to assure that we meet all of your expectations and continue to improve on the traditional.